Senarai Kekosongan Jawatan di Secret Correa

Opening the door for expansion and moving forward and better for 2018.

We are looking for the right candidate.

Female, Well Experience in the field, qualified, responsible, hardworking, trustworthy, honest, fast learner and willing to learn, good communication skills, positive and right attitude, respect the superior and good history of working.

Are you the candidate we are looking for?

Vacancy for 2018:

1) Profesional Videographer + Profesional Designer for 5 years experience .

2) Admin Clerk with at least 4 years Experience

3) Admin cums Sales with at least 4 years experience;

4) Promoter with Experience at least 2 years above Experience.

Interested or If you know anyone suitable and looking for the post pls share/tag or PM or email to:
@Contact Our Admin 01127266876

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